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Commercial & Civil Litigation

Commercial disputes in aviation have their own unique considerations. Our attorneys are familiar with common causes of action and the necessary steps to resolve these disputes. We will act as a persistent advocate as both defense and plaintiff counsel.  Our litigation services include:

Aviation Related Litigation

Aviation Related Litigation Support for Primary Counsel

Aviation Related Litigation & Support for Aircraft Maintenance Issues

US Customs Enforcement Actions

Aircraft Foreclosures and Seizures

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) has the authority to seize your aircraft for suspected violations of either Customs laws or other laws enforced by the CBP (such as the Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA). If your aircraft is seized, you have options to obtain the return of your aircraft, provided you act in a timely manner. Once a “Seizure Notice” is received, you have thirty (30) days to respond with a “Petition”. Failure to properly frame your Petition can result in a denial of your rights and an unknowing or unintentional waiver of your right to respond which can lead to the forfeiture of your aircraft. The lawyers at Global Aviation Counsel, LLC are familiar with the policies and practices of the CBP and can ensure that your Petition complies with all of the technical requirements of the CBP and sets forth the most compelling reasons for the CBP to return your aircraft in the most efficient and economical way possible, working to minimize any fines or storage costs CBP may seek to impose. The lawyers at Global Aviation Counsel, LLC are knowledgeable of CBP rules for import and export and can provide guidance and advice to minimize the likelihood of seizures by the CBP including working with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to obtain appropriate U.S. Registration for your aircraft.