Mergers and




Aircraft Transactions

Aircraft transactions (including helicopters) can be varied in their nature and scope. The sophisticated purchaser or seller of an aircraft will incorporate the representations of a legal professional familiar with the many considerations unique to the aviation industry. The type of transactions which often require representation are purchase and sale transaction of both whole or fractional aircraft. There are many considerations depending upon if the transaction is a U.S. domestic transaction or if there is an international aspect. Our legal professionals are familiar with both U.S. domestic and international transactions. In additional, the following types of transactions are commonly addressed:

      • Leasing arrangements both long and short-term
      • IRC§1031 Like-Kind Exchange transactions
      • Block time purchase and sale arrangements for non-commercial Part 91 aircraft
      • Co-ownership arrangements
      • Joint use agreements

The foundation of a successful transaction is planning for and addressing the unique considerations of each transaction. We are well versed in addressing the issues for a successful outcome.

Aircraft Finance

We maintain relationships with the industry leaders in aircraft finance. We have successfully arranged for U.S. domestic and international lending for both U.S. registered and foreign registered aircraft. Our experience includes securing loans through both private and institutional sources.


Aircraft Finance Programs

Our attorneys have prepared lending programs for financial institutions new to the aviation lending market. We have prepared the instruments and provided the guidance necessary for our clients to be secure in the enforcement of their loan programs and meet the unique expectations of their regulators.


Private Lending

When institutional lending is not available due to the circumstances of the borrower, we have made arrangements with private lenders to fill the void and permit our clients to obtain lending on their aircraft and keep their capital flexible.

Aviation Company Mergers and Acquisitions

The purchase, sale, and merger of FAA licensed companies presents unique considerations. Our methodology for FAA licensed companies is forward-thinking, progressive, and delivers pragmatic solutions.  Our firm understands the FAA’s requirements and navigates these clients to represent our clients’ interests based on complete facts, law, and analysis.

Aircraft Lender Representation

(Private & Institutional)

We represent banks (and other lender and lessors), credit unions, vendors, borrowers, lessors, and lessees. Our firm assists our clients in secured transactions involving aircraft. We focus on domestic and international private aircraft financing and leasing where we extend our capabilities to dry leases, operating leases, and other agreements that may be covered by various secured transactions. We routinely seek to optimize transactional efficiency for financial institutions as well as private lenders.